When you purchase a "Simplesoul thing tee", a portion of the proceeds will go towards any
charitable organization of your choice! Simply choose a shirt, and then choose
which organization you would like your portion of the proceeds to go towards! It's that simple!:




The 5 P’s of The SimpleSoul T-Shirt.


1. Physical Awareness.  Having a quality product that people can SEE. The Visual aspect. This gives us as a company a reason to promote what we are doing. As well as REASON to get in the face of our consumer through Media; Direct marketing.

2. Profit for Business.
Of course as in ANY business there has to be profit. The T-shirts will be of financial gain as we bring exposure to our Mission, quality products, Charitable Attributes as a company, and Business Strategy.

3. Point of Contact.
The SimpleSoul Tee Shirts will allow us to connect to various organizations as well as our current consumers. This also will allow us to have the opportunity for new client acquisitions. This will be a point of contact as we spread the word on our campaign. Hashtags and Slogans will help us connect and build repetitive connections.

4.Physical Property.
This will be great for the company for us having actual property and product to PRESENT to consumer. Thus allowing us to always be in a position of presentation.

5. Non-for-Profit Benefit.
This is the main focus of our campaign. To Educate, Empower, and encourage those around us to participate in charity and /or philanthropic activities. Connecting to local and global entities will connect us to all as we strive to bring hope, help, healing to the World around us.


The "SimpleSoul" Campaign is devoted to developing human potential with Positive interaction by connecting those Entities that impact our Community. Our mission is to Educate through connections and networking in a communal & personal level. This leading to Empowering those to make informed choices to improve their lives and the lives of others by giving back. We Encourage others to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment while also Challenging others to participate as well. Our motto is: ."Giving Back ... Is a "SIMPLESOUL THING!"


The E3 Factor is a concept in which we believe that one person can impact the lives of others through one simple act. This act can be one of many different definitions. Resources, Education, Acts of Kindness & even Financial actions can cause major effect towards those around us. The E3 Factor encompasses the ideal that one single act of kindess...can be a defining moment to those around us.